A strong and brave wizard trained an half-elf youngling the ways of magic and set him off to his epic quest. He must first find his blood brother corrupted by an evil entity, find a group of adventurers worth joining him in his unknown quest said to be a quest to bring fame and fortune the its groups members, and powerful artifacts beyond imagination.

Evil is spreading its wings once again and it seems there is a new destiny to fulfill.

The Fourth Era has commenced, the year: 4E130. Most elven settlements have left for the undying lands and it seems Man’s time to rule has come. Dwarfs, Hobbits and Elfs can be commonly found amongst men, though their cities seem to be well separated from his grasp and politics.

Orcs and Urk-Hai, seem to have been acquiring humanoid intelligence, giving them the capacity to hone their skills and attribute as any other humanoid, without the influence of the dark lord. Goblins and Trolls still roam most of the lands but they don’t seem to be as organized or advanced as the Orcs. Non the less, all four creatures seem to be a powerful threat to humanoid settlements.

Adventures in Middle-Earth

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