Lawful Neutral Half-Elf Wizard level 2
Weight: 160 lbs, Height: 5’7"

“Nice to meet you, and please, mind the half-orc… yes, a half-orc. But don’t worry, he wont do anything, just stay clear of his path”


Galinor was just a young half-elf living peacefully in Rivendel with his human father Yeyo, his elf mother Xanandra and brother LugDog, whom is three years younger. Sadly, tragedy strikes when, while playing with his brother around the village, one day when he accidentally picked up one of the rings belonging to the elves that was being kept in Rivendel. he was very young so he doesn’t really know and/or understands what happend, but a shadow got out of the ring. Galinor got scared and threw the ring away from him, so the shadow attached itself to the nearest thing, which was his brother, corrupting and switching his elf part and transforming him into an orc. Because of that, the father and two brothers were cast into exile. Both of the brothers still being young, Yeyo left LugDog in a barbarian village with some people that Yeyo knew. Galinor and his father kept going until eventually reaching the city of Gondor where he was looking yet another one of his friends. They then went to the city of Haradrim were they finally found him and the guy introduced himself as Lucian Nailo. Yeyo asked Lucian to teach young Galinor in the ways of magic, which he accepted. After 2 years of arduous training, Galinor could finally recite spells, even if they were very basic.

He has a familiar raven named “Raven”


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