Chaotic evil Half-Orc Barbarian level 2
Weight: 300 lbs Height: 6’1"

“Lug Crush all irrelevant … Minus Brother… Brother ok”


Born in rivendel to Xanadra and Yeyo. Born Half-elf but an accident changed my life forever. Galinor, my older brother decided to play with some ring of the village and got stuck upon me a dark shadow that transformed my elf side into orc since birth. us and our dad got exiled from the village and went on from village to village traveling and living. By the age of 10 my father decide to leave me in a barbarian village, where he had some friends that could take care of me and make me into a barbarian, since he saw the agression and verocity in me. both my dad and brother left me there and my “training” began. Know to my new “family” as a ravager, they trained me in their barbaric ways, which inluded intense fighting, being thrown in the woods for 1 year, alone and with only clothes and a small club to fight off any creature that came my way. The year passed and i came back to my “Family”. More barbaric than their highest barbarian fighter, my “dad” said. Knew my way around the woods like the back of my hand. I always volunteered to get food for myself and my “family”, since I enjoyed killing animals. As i grew, the village grew fond of my wrath and did not trust me, only to help them in ravaging beast or helping them with blacksmithing or other BIG problems. Once came a 25 men army looking to feast on the village… they were never seen again. I grew a partnership with other barbarian seeking men to battle, to train, to learn even more barbaric stuff. One wolf skin wearing day, an outsider barbarian came to the village, seeking the most ferocious barbarian to fight. i answered the call and fought this Human barbarian to death… his death of course. i do explain that it was a contest but he decided to not honor it, not that i care about honor, just that his fate was sealed by my GreatAxe throughout his spine. That same day, i met my family once again. In rage after killing Augustus The Great, i get called “Biggest Dog in the Yard”, which i recognized was from my brother since that what he called me sometimes. i went to him and my Dad and went to the house and conversed about life after they left and what they had been up to. SInce that day, The S & B Brothers were reunited Once again…

Now to conquer Kingdoms and establish myself as the baddest Barbarian in this universe…


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