Thefgav, Prince of Belfalas

Prince of Amroth


Prince of Belfalas, is an onorary title presented by the current ruler of the united kingdoms Eladrion, King of Gondor. This title was given so that the pople of Belfalas and near areas can still feel a cultural attachment to the new kingdom of men. This has bin done to the north within Arnor.

Thefgav brought to himself the defense of Harondor, to prove to himself and his people that he is worthy of holding the “southern throne”, as most put it. Though he has limited resources he insist that the king of gondor not worry of the situation and expects no help from the united kingdoms.

He sent Lord Widlak, leader of the Gondor military department and his most faithful servant and representative of the military court, and Lady Therstain, church cleric of Pelargir and also a trusty member of the religious court, also and very faithful servant to the prince and Gondor.

Thefgav, Prince of Belfalas

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